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The Bioresonance Aqua unit is used to introduce Cymatic Bioresonance frequencies into water.

This may be whilst patient is bathing or In  hydrotherapy pools.  

As well as the immediate effect , the Bioresonance frequencies are imprinted upon the water molecules

for long term benefits.


Maximum Power Output  : 50Watts rms

IP68 rated

Height 130mm ,Width  180mm  Depth  180mm  Weight  1Kg (Approx)  

Lead length  2metres   7mm jack plug connector  

Order code : CYM-AQ03


Applicator is  suitable for use with :-

Cymatic Mk 3 instrument

Cymatic Mk 4 instrument

Cymatic Mk 5 instrument

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 6 instrument

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 7 instrument

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 8 instrument

All future Bioresonance equipment

May also be suitable for other manufacturers equipment.

Extender cable

2 metre 7mm  mono jack  extender cable for applicator to instrument

Order code : CYM-XT01

Aqua Unit

Aqua Unit


Item : CYM-AQU03




Applicator extender

Item: CYM-XT01