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Maxi sound applicator

Maxi sound applicator


Item : CYM-MAXS03


       **New design has up to 40% more power than previous Maxi model.***       

This is the purely sound output version of the Maxi applicator (no Vibration centre)

It has a soft padded PVC end like a headphone.

Heavy duty applicator for use in areas where you need power and have the room  to use it such

as backs , limb , or joints.

Improved finger nub grip handle.


Power Input :  30 Watts

Dimensions :  Length 200 mm , Head diameter :  75 mm : Centre vibrator diameter  28mm

Lead length :  2 metre

Weight       :  600 gms (  without lead).

Connector   :  7mm (¼”) mono jack plug connector.

Colour        : Multi grey.

Material      : PVC / ABS

Order Code :  CYM-MAXS03


Applicator is  suitable for use with :-

Cymatic Mk 3 instrument

Cymatic Mk 4 instrument

Cymatic Mk 5 instrument

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 6 instrument

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 7 instrument

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 8 instrument

All future Bioresonance / Cymaresonance equipment

May also be suitable for other manufacturers equipment.

Extender cable

2 metre 7mm  mono jack  extender cable for applicator to instrument

Order code : CYM-XT01



Applicator extender

Item: CYM-XT01