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Chroma Ultra

Chroma Ultra

Item: CYM-CUL *

The Bioresonance Chromatherapy Ultra Power Series accessories combine the benefits of  Bioresonance and Colour therapy at high power.

100 Ultra bright LEDs produce  extremely powerful Colour Therapy.

Plugging into the applicator socket , the unit outputs Bioresonance modulated light in 12 different frequencies.

Output intensity can be varied and the light output is focused in a zone about 2 inches in diameter close up or larger zones further away.

The ergonomically designed unit can be hand held or clamped.  


Dimensions : Width  125/35mm  ,  Depth  50/35mm  ,  Length 260mm

Colour         Wavelength          Code

Ultra Violet                                    CYM-CUL00

White                                           CYM-CUL01

Red                    (660nm)              CYM-CUL02

Orange               (630nm)               CYM-CUL03

Yellow                (580nm)               CYM-CUL04

Green                 (560nm)               CYM-CUL05

Blue                   (470nm)               CYM-CUL06

Infra Red             (950nm)               CYM-CUL01

Infra Red             (880nm)               CYM-CUL02


Applicator is  suitable for use with :-

Cymatic Mk 3 , 4 , 5  instruments

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 6 , 7 , 8  + future instruments

Possibly other manufacturers equipment.

Extender cable

2 metre 7mm  mono jack  extender cable for applicator to instrument

Order code : CYM-XT01



Applicator extender

Item: CYM-XT01