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Chroma Zoom

Chroma Zoom

Item: CYM-CZM *

Chroma Zoom’s large LED, compact size and zoom lens  enables concentrated or spread Bioresonance Cymatic

light to be targeted generally or precisely.

Typical uses would be acupuncture points, dental or small body areas..

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy or Chromatherapy has been used for many years as a treatment in Complementary Medicine.

Some colours are found to be therapeutic for certain conditions.

Our Chromatherapy accessories use high power LED sources which can be modulated with the Bioresonance Cymatic

treatment frequencies to achieve a double benefit.

Chromatherapy accessories are available in 9 different colour outputs and a number of variations of power or purpose..


LED  : 1 x 10mm

Dimensions : Length  120mm   Diameter 11mm

Coiled lead length  1 metre  (fully extended)

Colour      Wavelength              Code

Ultra Violet                                 CYM-CZM00

White                                         CYM-CZM01

Red               (660nm)                 CYM-CZM02

Orange          (630nm)                 CYM-CZM03

Yellow           (580nm)                 CYM-CZM04

Green            (560nm)                 CYM-CZM05

Blue              (470nm)                 CYM-CZM06

Infra Red        (880nm)                 CYM-CZM07

Infra Red        (950nm)                 CYM-CZM08

Multiple Chromatherapy probes may be used together off the same instrument applicator output by using 2 way jack plug adaptors.


Applicator is  suitable for use with :-

Cymatic Mk 3 , 4 , 5  instruments

Cymatic / Bioresonance  Mk 6  , 7 , 8 , instruments

All future Bioresonance equipment

May also be suitable for other manufacturers equipment.

Extender cable

2 metre 7mm  mono jack  extender cable for applicator to instrument

Order code : CYM-XT01



Applicator extender

Item: CYM-XT01